Whether you want to make an application for membership or just want to see what we are all about, please feel free to visit us during any of our scheduled events.  Check our Calendar of events.  Then, contact our Vice Commodore who will arrange for you to be our guest. 

We encourage all applicants to come to the Clubhouse to get acquainted with our members.  If you do not already know someone who is a member, you will be surprised how easy it will be to find a sponsor at one of our events.  Please feel welcome, as the doors are open to you during this process.

The one time initiation fee at Stockton Yacht Club is $300 and our annual dues are $400.  We are currently running a Membership Drive whereby the New Member will receive a $100 script award to spend at the club for payment of a dinner (excluding catered dinners), at the bar, and at the ships store.  Resulting in a net cost for the initiation fee of $200.

Our covered slips are available only to members.  If you wish to berth your boat at the Club’s marina, you may make application for a covered berth with the Port Captain as soon as your membership application has been approved. 

To become a member . . .

Download our Membership Application form.  Complete the form and mail or deliver it, along with your initiation fee, to the Vice Commodore at the club’s address—3235 River Drive, Stockton, 95204.  Your check will be returned to you if the application process is not successfully completed.

As soon as your application has been received, a representative of the Stockton Yacht Club will contact you with an invitation to attend a meet and greet appointment at our facility.  

The Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of each month at which time membership applications are reviewed.  The Membership Chairperson will notify you of the outcome of your application the following day.  Once accepted, the Club Treasurer will mail your prorated first year’s membership dues bill. 

To celebrate your membership, an official presentation to you of the club burgee will be planned at the next club event you attend. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Vice Commodore.

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