Membership Fees 2018

Annual Membership Dues = $400 (due each January)

One time Initiation Fee = $300 (a one-time fee)`

Great news for New Members!

New Members will receive $100 in Stockton Yacht club script.

Spend at the club for dinner, at the bar, and/or at the ships store.

(Exception: Cannot be used for catered meals or to pay dues)

Resulting in an initiation fee net cost of $200!

When a New Member joins in any other month than January

the annual membership dues are prorated. The proration is based on the $400 annual rate and is calculated using the number of months you will be a member for that first year after you are accepted as a new member.

(Example: If you are accepted as a new member at the April Board meeting, your 2017 membership dues will be for the 9 remaining months of the year.)

The membership dues will be billed to you by the SYC Treasurer.